When Garmin GPS doesn’t turn on

With significant advancement in technology, nowadays, people can make use of smart devices to meet their requirements quickly and conveniently. In today’s time, one can leverage a top-quality GPS tracking device like Garmin GPS to acquire detailed information about the precise location that one is currently at and also the route to one’s destination.

The GPS tracking device contains a built-in receiver for tracking the Global Positioning System (GPS) and highly advanced GLONASS satellites. Both facilitate in offering accurate information about a particular location or route to Garmin GPS users.

Though Garmin GPS users always enjoy all navigational features, sometimes, they may face some technical glitches. One of the common glitches faced by a user is- Garmin GPS won’t turn on. If you are one among those who are facing this or any other concern, the Garmin customer support number is a must-have. You can get step by step help from our experts. Here is some advice for people who want to know about what to do when Garmin GPS doesn’t turn on. Let’s dig into the topic.

A Guide To Fix Garmin GPS Issues

Despite being an exceptional GPS Tracking device brand, Garmin GPS devices take a considerable amount of time to turn on and even don’t respond at all sometimes no matter how much one tries to turn on the devices.

If you are experiencing the following issues, then read on to gain comprehensive solutions and learn the exact way to turn your device on effectively.

Garmin GPS device isn’t turning on even after an update
  • Make sure that the device is not plugged in, even if it is; just pull it out properly to prevent the update file from getting corrupted. If you find that the device hasn’t turned on also after you eject the plug, delete the device update manually and reinstall the device update.
Encountering trouble to turn on a new Garmin GPS device
  • If you are facing trouble turning on your Garmin GPS device, ensure you check the display screen, motherboard, and charger of the newly bought GPS device. If the hardware of the GPS device has no issues, then resetting it another time could fix the error.
The device turned off after the installation of a new GPS map.
  • You can troubleshoot this particular issue effectively by checking the actual size of the map. Do scan it before installation and ensure that the new file is compatible with your Garmin GPS device.
Stopped functioning after Garmin GPS map update
  • Due to a corrupt external driver, your GPS device may stop functioning. Hence, while updating the Garmin GPS map, be extra cautious.
Despite being plugged in, the Garmin GPS doesn’t turn on
  • If the Garmin GPS device doesn’t open even when it is on charging mode, make sure the temperature is within the optimal range. Try to charge the device in a different outlet, or you can master reset is if the hardware is functioning well.

Garmin devices work effortlessly when you know how to handle come of the common concerns with the gadget. If you ever face any issue or want to know about any feature of your Garmin device, feel free to talk to our team.

For detailed information, you can contact us at toll-free number +1 888-406-8616 or write at info@garmingpsmapupdate.com. Our Garmin GPS professionals will provide instant help.