Hassle-free Magellan GPS update

If you are a frequent traveler, then you must be well aware of the fact if what a daunting task it is. Driving into unfamiliar territory can be really exhausting for anyone. But it can be made more comfortable than ever by using a GPS. With Magellan GPS update in regular intervals, you can experience hassle-free navigation.

With the help of a GPS device, you can roam in any unknown territory without the fear of getting lost or driving to a dead end. But the fact to know about GPS is that they don’t give you real-time updates. They only provide you with data that is stored in them.

So, in order to get an accurate result from your Magellan, you will need to update it with the latest Magellan GPS update. And updating the maps of your Magellan is easier done than said. You can easily update your Magellan using a software program that can be downloaded from the website of Magellan. And to help you better, we have listed down the steps which you will need to follow for an easy Magellan map update.

magellan roadmate map update

How to get Magellan map update free download?

  • Before you start updating your Magellan, you need to make sure that the device is fully charged so that it doesn’t get turned off in the middle of the update
  • Now, go to the Magellan Website and from there, download the content manager who is available for free
  • Launch the software and log in to your account. And in the event, you don’t have an account, create one by following the directions provided on the screen
  • Connect the device with the computer using a USB cable that comes along with the device. If the device doesn’t turn on automatically after getting connected to the network, then turn it on manually.
  • Right-click on the Content Manager icon and select “Check for Updates.”
  • Click on “Get Now” of the map which you want to install
  • Wait for the map to get installed in the device completely
  • After the installation is completed, the device will turn on automatically. Then, unplug it from the computer.

So, if you want to update the Magellan Roadmate update, make sure that you follow the guide provided above.