Installing Free and Paid Magellan Updates

Magellan is a company that is known for delivering professional and consumer level GPS receivers. From crossover GPS, vehicular navigation, to handheld navigation devices, the brand has a wide range of products on offer. Here is a brief guideline on the steps to follow for the Magellan roadmate update, and in fact, any other updates launched by the brand.

Magellan GPS Update

Steps for installing the free updates

The free Magellan GPS update can be installed in seven simple steps as given below:

  • Start by making sure that the GPS unit is charged fully for Magellan map update free download
  • Download and install the Content Manager from the Magellan website
  • The next step is launching Content Manager and signing in using the a/c details. You can go to the main page of the website and create an account; in case you don’t have one. There will be guidelines on the screen to help you create your account.
  • Use the USB cable for connecting the GPS device to the PC. Switch it on manually, if that doesn’t happen automatically.
  • Right click on the Content Manager option for Magellan map update and go to the option that says ‘Check now for updates.’ The information for any new updates will come up on the screen.
  • Click on the ‘Get now’ option for downloading and installing the available updates on the device. You will have to disconnect your device after the installation is completed. The device will restart automatically after this.

Steps for installing the paid updates

Here are the steps for Magellan GPS map update for the paid upgrades:

  • Go to the ‘Map’ option from the homepage of the website
  • Choose your GPS model from the menu
  • Select Map Upgrades, and for completing your purchase follow the instructions as come up on the screen.
  • The next step is launching Content Manager and connecting the GPS device to the PC.
  • Click on the option that lets you sync the purchase features, and wait for it to download and install.

Hopefully, you will not face any Magellan GPS update problems following these instructions.

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