By- Wilbur Arnold Clarke

Garmin helps you ensure that you have the latest software installed to give you a fast and uninterrupted experience on the go. 

Apart from getting latest features, it also helps in regularly updating your Garmin whether it may be a Forerunner, Fenix, Quatix or Vivoactive and helps in getting rid of any inconsequential bug that may be interfering with the performance.

Updating a sports watch is an easy process and most of the users get their updates installed effortlessly. In this article you’ll be guided on how to check whether you are upgraded with the latest software and also details on how to manually and automatically update to the latest software.

Want the latest software?

An update can be small or large whether it is a minor bug fix or a major software update. Unlike an iOS or android update, Garmin updates are unique for specific models. For example- The Forerunner 645 has a specific update of v4.20 that offered small bug fixes like an issue of sunrise and sunset were not adapting to daylight settings and also a problem where the non-GPS activities were being displayed in the Navigation menu.

New tools to simply ensuring that the device is running well, you will always need to be upgraded with the latest version.

Check the software version of your device

  1. Open settings and then open about.
  2. You’ll be able to find the Unit ID (i.e. the serial number) along with the software version (e.g. 4.60 (1517887)).

If you are having problems with your device, this information will be quite convenient as you’ll be able to troubleshoot through customer support.

Performing a web search is the easiest way to access the software version history. Search the device name and its model’s updates and downloads of that updates. For example, you can cross check the software versions with the ones listed on the official Garmin site of your device say Forerunner 945.

Automatic updates:

Once paired with Garmin connect app, you can easily update your device. The default setting of the updates is to automatically update the software but you can check it whether it is enabled or not.

Steps to check the automatic updates settings-

  1. Open the system menu by long pressing the top button.
  2. Scroll down and open settings.
  3. Select start/stop.
  4. Choose system.
  5. Scroll down to the bottom and find software update.
  6. Toggle the button between on and off.

When the button is enabled, you’ll be able to automatically update your device which will be transmitted to the watch via the mobile app. Whenever an update will be available, Garmin connect app will automatically download and be installed in the background. Your watch will reset by the end of the process.

Manual Updates:

When you have toggled off the automatic software update, your device won’t update automatically. Hence, you will have to update the software manually. Search the updates manually and install them in this case.

Once the update is downloaded by the Garmin connect app, you will be able to install and apply it to your watch.

Steps to manually update software-

  1. Open the system menu by long pressing the top button.
  2. Open settings.
  3. Select start/stop.
  4. Select system.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the menu, you’ll find the version (e.g. v5.6 available). Click on the install now option.
  6. Click on confirm to continue the installation.
Update your watch from computer using Garmin Express

If you do not use Garmin connect smartphone app for syncing your watch wireless, update it with a Mac or Windows PC via a USB cable.

Plug in the charging cable into the USB port of your laptop or desktop and connect your watch. Download the Garmin Express if you have not yet installed it. Pair your device by following the on-screen instructions. Setup a Garmin Connect account in case you don’t have one.

Garmin express app will open automatically once the device is plugged in, showing the status of the watch. If automatic software update is enabled, Garmin Express will send the updates to your device.

In case the automatic updates are turned off, you will be notified about the new firmware that is available. In both cases follow the instructions on screen and do not disconnect the watch from the computer during the updating process.