Update Your Tomtom GPS

Tomtom is one of the best GPS devices that you can ever get your hands on. Many people wonder about how do you update your Tomtom GPS and don’t know how to overcome any hindrance while updating Tomtom. The device is curated especially for the people who want to explore places in an unknown land. It is one of the most updated forms of GPS, which provides the user with the most updated navigation. But every day, the maps are updated with new roads and areas around a place. You should never miss Tomtom GPS updates free if you want to use your device with ease.

Tomtom GPS Update

So, you all need to keep your Tomtom updated to get the best GPS experience. And for the best experience of the users, Tomtom rolls out updates every now and then so that their users can stay updated with the latest map. And the best thing about tomtom GPS updates is that they can be done for free, which makes it even more beneficial for them. And if you are unable to update your Tomtom, then you are at the right place as here we are going to guide you on how to update your Tomtom easily.

How to update your Tomtom easily

  • For updating your Tomtom, the first thing that you will need is a computer with which you will need to connect your Tomtom. You can connect your Tomtom with the computer using a USB cable. After joining the Tomtom with the computer, a message will pop up, which will ask for permission to connect the Tomtom with the computer. There, you will need to click on the option that says “yes.”
  • If the Tomtom doesn’t open up automatically, then open it manually. And if you don’t have the software, and it shows tomtom GPS update error then download it from the official website of Tomtom
  • After your device gets recognized, click on “Update My Device”.
  • Check out the options which you want to update and then click on “Update My Device”.
  • If you want to buy a new map, then go to “Add Maps” and then click on the buy option, which will be located next to the Maps. Then, choose an appropriate payment method and click on Install Now. So, if you are looking forward to updating Tomtom GPS, make sure that you follow the guide provided above.

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