How to Update Garmin GPS?

GPS has been a widely used term, in relation with Maps. The elaborated meaning of this term is Global Positioning System, and when we talk about the manufacturers of these devices then few brands earned their name in past few years and one of them is Garmin. A company having the prolonged history of almost three decades into this GPS navigation products with headquarter in United States have expanded its product lines into marine, aviation and automotive industries and became an industry leader in a very short span. 

So in today’s blog we are going to learn the Garmin GPS Update, so that your device will route you on the exact way, and avoiding any other twist and turns or any road blockage. But before that let’s get familiar with few terminologies

Now to use any device at its full potential, we need to keep the device’s software updated as per the latest version launched by the manufacturer. Garmin is also highly focused towards the best user experience, and that’s why they keeps on releasing new updates several times in a year. 

Whether you drive or not, but you must have used the GPS in your day to day life. In that way this Software has become widely useful for us. But sometimes it doesn’t respond correctly as per your command or there is some lag between the user and software, and you keep on screaming the instructions to your device to search for a specific location or address, and that makes the regular updation of your device very necessary.

What is Garmin Express Update?

Garmin Express is actually a software that is been used for installation and downloading of the latest version of maps software to your device. Garmin releases them very frequently for the best user experience.

What is Garmin Map Update?

The Garmin map update takes longer time to download and so needs some patience as well. It is important as well because it updates your device as per the latest roads and location changes on your map that is being used by your navigator. 

Let’s begin …

Step 1. Downloading and Installing Garmin Express

The first step towards Garmin Express Update is to download and install the Garmin Express in your computer. Start following the steps described here:

  • Browse
  • Then in the Garmin Express download page click either “Download For Windows” or “Download For Mac”.
  • Now after the file download gets finished then click “Install”.
  • Now follow the on line instructions after reading them.

For detailed instructions you can visit How to install Garmin Express

Step 2. Connecting Your Device to Computer

In this step you will have to connect your GPS device to the computer. The things needed for this step is a compatible mini USB cable (this cable comes with most of the Garmin devices) and obviously a Computer and your Garmin Device. Now follow the steps given below.

  • Switch On your Garmin Device and Computer.
  • Now connect your Computer or laptop with Garmin Device using a compatible USB cable. 
  • If you have connected your Device for the first time then you will have to login to the MyGarmin Express
  • If you have connected your device earlier as well, then there is no need to login on Garmin Express Download Page, instead it will proceed automatically.
  • Now a progress bar will start on your screen, hat shows your device is now connected.

Step 3: Garmin Express Launch 

Now next step is to launch the Garmin Express from your computer to start the installation process. Now as described in step 1, we have already installed the Garmin Express, so we can use any of the following methods to launch Garmin.

  • For Windows Operating System 
  1. Go to the Bottom Right corner and click the “Garmin Express icon” in the windows taskbar. 
  2. In start menu search for Garmin Express and then Click the “Garmin Express”. 
  3. Look for the “Garmin Express” shortcut on the desktop over your screen.

  • For Mac Operating System 
  1. For MacOS you can search for Garmin Express in the “Applications” using the “Finder”. 

    Step 4. Start Device Update

    Now to begin with the device update, follow the steps given below:

    • First we need to select device to update, the green dot will show that your device is now connected and ready to update. 
    • If you can’t find your device in the list, then connect manually by clicking “Add Device”. 
    • After Selecting the device, the available updates with estimated time to complete the installation, will be shown on screen, click “Install All”.
    • You can see all the available updates by clicking “View Details” and to install all of them click “Install” button in front of all the updates.
    • Now Click “Accept” on the terms and conditions window after going through all the pointers.
    • After this you can see the progress bar with “percentage downloaded”, “rate of downloading” and “remaining time to download”.
    • Now follow the on screen instructions given by Garmin Express.
    • Now after the Garmin updated Software, your Map updation will proceed and that will be the end of your Garmin GPS updation.

    Step 5. Safely Disconnect your Device

    After finishing the update process, now you will have to disconnect your device and Right click on the” Garmin Express” icon and from the drop down list select “Eject” and then Unplug the USB cable. 

    And now you are ready to plugin the recent Garmin GPS updated device to your vehicle.

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