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Garmin Express Update

Garmin Express is a well-known software application best known for its friendly interface along with all the features you want at one stop. It is easy to download, install and use. Just download, install, run application and login into your mygarmin express account.

Keep Garmin up to date as it keeps you caught up with the latest updates of maps and GPS so that you never get lost and never run late. It is the best companion one can have when you visit an unknown location or less familiar place. Everyone knows about Garmin Express Update as it’s the most discussed topic.

But there are some common GPS errors or problems that some users might face. Today we will discuss some ways in which a user can quickly resolve Garmin GPS problems.

Below is the list of some common problems

that you might encounter with:

  • Unresponsive touch screen
  • Faulty power button
  • GPS locked up
  • Satellite signals lost
  • Garmin failed to turn on
  • Audio issues
  • No detection of signal
  • Battery depleted
  • Logic board worn-out
  • Sudden shut down of Garmin
  • Poor display

The advanced GPS and map technology have eased our work. But sometimes we might face some errors. In this article we will learn to fix those errors easily and quickly. In case the error still persists, just contact us on our costumer helpline, write to us or live chat with an expert to get quick, timely and best solutions for your device.

Troubleshoot problems in Garmin GPS:

Figure out the error that you are facing and follow the solution provided below. Some issues might not be resolved by you and need professionals. 

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Solution to fix Garmin GPS 

  • Fix to GPS fails to turn on:

First ensure that the key is on Ac or Ignition position.

  1. Make sure that power cord is connected with the GPS unit.
  2. Check the fuse in the radio system or behind the GPS. 

In case it is blown then replace it with a new fuse. 

  1. The battery also needs to be checked, in case the battery is flat/leaked, change or replace it. 
  2. Check the battery of remote control also. 

If it is not running then replace it.

  • Resolve no sound output:
  1. Check the wires of both the speakers. They must be connected correctly to the GPS as well as speakers. 
  2. Ensure that Garmin GPS device is not muted. 
  3. Press “OSD” on the remote or simply adjust the “Audio” option and check all the right, left, rear and front speakers. 

  • Resolve touch screen not calibrated:
  1. Go to the Menu option.
  2. Click on options
  3. Then select system
  4. Choose “Calibration”

  • Resolve unresponsive touch screen:
  1. Calibrate the screen. This might take a while as the screen takes time to respond. 
  2. If there is no response after calibration then you must call Garmin GPS Support and ask for assistance. 
  • Fix no GPS reception issue:
  1. Check whether the GPS antenna is plugged in correctly. 
  2. This issue might be faced if there is no GPS reception in your current location.

To fix this issue contact Garmin support for the help. 

  • Resolution for GPS device unable to detect the current location:

Ensure to have the Garmin GPS update to the latest version as the old version may not support in remote areas.

  • Incorrect pinpoint:

GPS unable to pinpoint your current location? Just ensure to Garmin map update regularly and you’ll not face any such error.

  • Unable to find location:

GPS can’t find the location you are searching for? Verify the location and re-submit. If you are still unable to find the location, it means you might not have installed the latest version. Kindly download the latest from our official website, visit for Garmin express download.

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