Garmin Connect Bluetooth Sync Issues

A popular GPS tracker such as Garmin GPS device enables you to connect any Bluetooth-enabled devices with it through the Garmin Connect app seamlessly. Using Garmin Connect with ease is easy if you have an experienced Garmin professional by your side to help you at the difficult times. You may face specific issues while using Garmin Connect, and it is normal. Many users create a panic situation and end up in facing more trouble than

So, if you are a Garmin device user, and facing Garmin Connect Bluetooth Sync issues, keep calm and contact industry experts through toll-free Garmin customer support number. You can get instant and step by step, help here.

This piece of blog intends to help Garmin connect users with the solution for Garmin Connect Bluetooth sync issues.

Common Sync Issues & Error Fixing Guide;

In recent times, several issues have cropped up related to Bluetooth
synchronization of the Garmin Connect app. If you are experiencing one of the following problems, then read on to know the practical techniques to troubleshoot the issues efficiently.

You successfully pair with the Garmin device but cannot connect with Garmin Connect app

The issue mentioned above occurs whenever your Garmin device paired with the Garmin Connect app but does not synchronize data between each other. To fix this issue, make sure that the Garmin device is within the Bluetooth range of your mobile phone. Also, ensure that on both the smartphone and the GPS device, the Bluetooth mode is turned on.

To fix the error, make sure you turn off the Bluetooth and turn it on again on your smartphone. Also, close the Garmin Connect app on your smartphone and re-open it after a few minutes. To ensure that the app is not running in the background, restart both your Garmin Device and the smartphone.

Also, remove the added GPS device from the app and repeat the same device adding procedure. Resetting both your smartphone and the Garmin device and connecting the devices again will prevent the issue from cropping up again.

While setting up Garmin GPS device with the Garmin Connect app, you find pairing failed text

The majority of the Garmin GPS device users experience the ‘pairing failed’ issue mainly when they insert the wrong code when connecting the Garmin GPS device with the Garmin Connect app on a smartphone.

To make sure you get rid of the problem effectively, try to click on the retry option to enable setting up a connection between the app and the GPS device.
You should also reboot both the Garmin GPS device and your smartphone to ensure that the pairing failed message doesn’t crop up anymore.

Garmin Connect app is unable to identify the Garmin GPS device during the pairing procedure

Such an issue may happen when the Garmin Connect app does not get hold of your GPS device even after scanning.

To resolve the issue, besides turning on the Bluetooth mode on your smartphone, also make sure you activate the pairing mode on your Garmin GPS device. To solve Garmin Connect Bluetooth sync problems, you should also soft reset your Garmin GPS device.

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