By Parul Thakur 

Garmin products are famous worldwide and have gained a lot of popularity because of its features and the services that it provides to its customers. ‘Garmin’ is an world renowned American multi -national company (earlier known as ProNav) known for specialization  in GPS technology for navigation, aviation, sports activities and automotive using Garmin GPS.

Garmin launched a GPS navigation software program in April 2008, for laptop, PCs and other computers based on Microsoft windows operating system . Mobile apps for various purposes for Android , iPhone and Windows phone are also offered by Garmin.

User Friendly features of Garmin:

  • Garmin offers the best for its users.
  • Fulfills every required demand and command of the user as it comes with a special interface.
  • Extremely friendly interface.
  • Augments task performing ease with touch-screen multiple access .
  • Helps in identification of junctions.
  • Foursquare information access is provided.
  • 3D environment which is an interesting feature is also offered. 

Why are Garmin updates important?

When you use your Garmin, it receives satellite signals about your location. Your location is provided by the global positioning system , but it is not related to your position in the street grid. This information is irrelevant for the global positioning system satellites whether you walk down a one – way street. For the satellite you are just a speck moving in relation to it’s last position. 

To avail the maximum benefits of directional features , you need an accurate map update. Many things change in a course of short period of time. Name of the street you walk generally may change on map. Highways exits may be closed to make way for the on – going road constructions. New traffic laws are implemented to meet the new requirements of roads. These new traffic laws can be permit actions. For e.g. left turns during peak travel times. Many times a new ATM , fast food chains, restaurant, gas stations are opened whereas other hotels, café and shops are forced to close. If you want to learn about these services and use them while staying on the quickest and shortest route, then Garmin updates are essential. 

What are the consequences of an out dated Garmin?

  • You are driving in search of left turn you have to make but you end up finding that entire block is converted into a parking garage.

Such encounters are frustrating if you have a appointment with doctor or you are not even in a hurry . With the amount of construction that is carried daily it can be tiring .

These Garmin updates ensure that you be on the right path to reach your destination on time . 

Can Garmin be updated without a USB cable ?

Yes . Garmin can be updated without a USB port . 

Traditionally , the typical car and truck update require a USB connection . Whereas many new models like DriveSmart 51 and sports – oriented Garmin devices offer the option of Wi-Fi connectivity for transfer of data .

To transfer updates and your user information , the device has to be connected to same Wi-Fi network to which computer is connected which runs Garmin Express

Some device such as Approach, Edge, Fēnix, Forerunner and quatix ranges , can connect via Bluetooth to a smartphone. Smartphone must have Garmin’s Connect Mobile App . You can update the Garmin anywhere you have a cellular signal . 

Steps to update Garmin without a USB cable:
  1. Tap on the update from Garmin website that you want to install .
  2. Choose the option enabling you to update through a satellite . 
  3. Type your Garmin device serial number . 
  4. Wait for the device to update the status of your update whether it is complete or not .
  5. Turn off your Garmin . 
Guidance and Helpline Support:

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